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The Special Education faculty at Bixby Public Schools serve children who have a wide range of learning needs. And doing so requires a lot of documentation. Committed to going paperless, staff had begun the process of digitizing forms and files. 

But to truly reach their paperless goal, they needed a solution to collect signatures on consent forms and various documents. So they began looking for e-signature software that was fully compliant and easy to use. They also wanted the software to make it easy for them to track the status of documents, including those requiring multiple signatures. 

Unexpectedly, their search was accelerated when the Covid pandemic forced the schools to shut down and transition to virtual classes and meetings. Without the option to collect signatures in person, the department needed an immediate solution for remote signing.

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About Bixby Public Schools

Bixby, OK, located just outside of Tulsa, is the fastest-growing community in the state. The Bixby School District includes six schools that serve over 7,000 students in grades PK through 12. And nearly 1,000 of those students are also served by the district's Special Education Department. Many people come together to create Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) for students with special needs, and many documents need to be signed to authorize or update a plan. 


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The Bixby Special Education Department works with parents, special ed teachers, and general ed teachers to accommodate children with special learning needs by creating an Individual Education Plan (IEP). Before ReadySign, creating an IEP meant a time-consuming process of gathering and downloading documents from multiple places and collating them into one document to be signed. 

What's more, because authorizing an IEP requires signatures from multiple people, if those people couldn't meet in person to sign at the same time, then keeping track of who signed and who still needed to was a time-consuming challenge for staff.

Then, when the schools in Bixby needed to transition to holding classes and meetings virtually, the Special Education Department began to rely on email confirmations instead of actual signatures. That's when they really knew they needed a better solution - and fast.

Signing in virtual IEP meetings

Slowed by manual processes

Piecemeal approach

No tracking capabilities


The Bixby Special Education Department found the solution they needed with ReadySign. Not only does ReadySign provide an easy way to request and collect legally binding e-signatures, but it has also helped the department streamline procedures and create efficiencies. 

With ReadySign templates, frequently used documents have been consolidated, saving time and making it easier than ever for faculty to build custom packets and IEPs. No more downloading multiple documents from multiple sources. Instead, teachers have everything they need right at their fingertips.

And when documents get sent out for signature, ReadySign provides tracking visibility, so the sender always knows who's received it, who's read it, who's signed it, and who might need a nudge. 

The faculty is finding other uses for ReadySign, too - some have started using it to sign off on internal matters quickly. 

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