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A school using electronic signature software to speed up administrative tasks.

How Schools are Utilizing E-Sign Software to Speed Up Document Administration Tasks

Electronic Signature Software

Schools are under pressure to do more with less today. Electronic signature software can help schools work smarter, rather than harder, and can be a great asset. According to FinancesOnline, by switching from a paper-based signature workflow to electronic signature software, productivity can be improved by 85% and errors can be reduced by 80%. 

Here's how schools are using electronic signatures to speed up document preparation, administrative tasks, and more.

Get Signatures Back Faster

With a paper-based signing method, documents out for signature can get lost in the shuffle, at the bottom of a student’s backpacks or in a pile of paperwork at home. This requires schools to take the time to follow-up by calling or emailing the signers or reprinting and sending another document out for signature. With electronic signature software, it's much easier to get documents signed and returned faster, whether they're IEPs, 504s, permission slips, report cards, or anything else. E-Sign software with automatic reminders will notify signers of incomplete documents, eliminating the need for schools to check on the status of the documents themselves.

Electronic Signature Workflow Visibility

With a manual signature process it can be really difficult for schools to know the status of documents out for signatures. With features such as a signing dashboard, electronic signature software allows schools to see which documents have been received, signed, or completed in minutes from any device online. And once a document has been signed it gets filed in a searchable document repository so schools can find the signed documents in minutes rather than searching through a file cabinet or shared drive. 

Error Prevention

It is inevitable that errors will occur when schools rely on a paper-based signing process, and when they do, they have to be manually corrected and/or the documents have to be re-done. Electronic signature software has been proven to reduce manual errors by 80%, resulting in a huge time savings for busy schools and districts.

Reusable Templates and Forms

For documents that are frequently signed, such as permission slips or consent forms, many electronic signature softwares today include reusable templates and forms. This allows schools to create a template once and send it out for signature again and again, eliminating the manual process of re-creating it every time. Another helpful feature some electronic signature softwares offer is a sharable link to a self-service form. Schools can create a sign-able document or form and post a link of the document to their school website so anyone who needs to sign it can access it easily.

An Example of Success

Katie Lowry of Lumpkin County Schools has been using ReadySign electronic signature software for a while. Here are her thoughts on it.

"Working in the world of special education, my day is filled with paperwork! This product allows me to get everyone (even people outside of my organization) to sign documents, quickly and with great ease." 

ReadySign electronic signature software can help your school streamline the process of sending, storing, and signing all of your documents. Learn more by scheduling a demo today. 

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