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3 Considerations for Schools & Districts Vetting Electronic Signature


Electronic signatures can be a game-changer for organizations, especially schools and districts that are consistently tasked to do more with less. Esign solutions save educators and administrators valuable time by eliminating manual processes like printing, mailing, and tracking down signatures. So it’s no wonder electronically signing documents is becoming the new norm for schools and districts and the demand for esign continues to grow. But with so many electronic signature solutions on the market, it can be a challenge to distinguish between them - especially when many appear to do the same thing. To help you further your search for the right solution for your school or district, here are three things to look for when vetting electronic signature software. 

Ease of use

To get the full value of electronic signature software, it needs to be easily adoptable and provide significant advantages over former processes for signing and managing documents. If the software isn’t intuitive or efficient to use or requires significant training, people will resist using it. Everyone interacting with the system, like parents, guardians, students, and staff, will have a different knowledge base and comfort level with technology. This is why assessing how easy, or difficult, the software is to use for both senders and signers is key when evaluating options. 

See if the software does anything to simplify the process for signers, such as allow them to complete documents from their mobile device. Does it require them to log in or to create an account in order to sign? Many will forgo signing if additional steps like setting up an account are required for parents, guardians, or other recipients to complete documents. The more frictionless the signing process is, the faster you’ll be able to turn around your documents. Additionally, see if the software eliminates manual steps for senders like sending automated reminders to pending signers. Does it provide a simple way to monitor the status of documents sent for signing? With a user-friendly system that streamlines your signature process, staff can focus on their core responsibilities rather than chasing after signatures, addressing errors, and managing the system.


Pricing is a key element for any school or district vetting electronic signature solutions, but finding the true cost you’ll pay isn’t always obvious. That’s why it's important to look closely at the different pricing tiers and terms for each vendor to determine the best option for your organization. Some plans that seem like a bargain may include significant limitations that you’ll want to be aware of when vetting solutions. So take a look at how many users are included in each plan, the cost to add users, what features are included, and if there are any limits on the number of documents users can send. You will also want to find out if the software provider charges overage fees for exceeding any document or user limits. Providers that charge overages may not alert you to the fact that you have gone over your plan allotment, leading to surprise fees and ballooning bills. 


As previously noted, electronic signature software needs to be successfully adopted in order to realize its full value, and that begins with the implementation process. Having a smooth implementation process can make all the difference between a new system that benefits faculty and staff throughout the organization and one that quickly falls by the wayside. So consider what the process and time commitment will be for implementing each solution. Will it take a long time to learn the system and train others to use it? Or can you expect to get up and running right away with minimal training? What kind of support will you have with rolling out your new software? Even though electronic signature solutions should be intuitive and easy to use, having a designated implementation and account manager you can turn to when questions arise will help ensure that you and your colleagues can take full advantage of the system's capabilities.

Selecting electronic signature software amongst a sea of options can be daunting for any school or district, but by vetting solutions according to ease of use, pricing, and implementation you can begin to quickly and clearly distinguish your front-runners. And with a simple, affordable electronic signature solution, you and your colleagues can spend less time on paperwork and finally get all of your documents signed and returned on time. Be sure to see how the software will work for your organization by requesting a demo or free trial of the products you’re considering. Click here to request your demo of ReadySign today.

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