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Step 1: Prepare the Name column on the spreadsheet. 

Download the Bulk Send spreadsheet. Fill out the Name portion of the signer information. You can do this by manually typing in their information, by copying and pasting from another spreadsheet, etc. 

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Step 2: Insert the Concatenate Formula

In A2, use the following formula =concatenate(B2, " NAME OF YOUR DOCUMENT/TEMPLATE")

Make sure to include a space after the first quotation mark and to replace the "NAME OF YOUR DOCUMENT/TEMPLATE" with whatever you want your Packet Name to be.

Step 3: Copy the Formula.

Select the bottom right corner of Column A and drag down to all rows with information in it. 

Step 4: Copy and Paste Column A

Select Column A, right click, and copy. 

With Column A still selected, right click again, and Paste Special -> Values. This removes the formula from your spreadsheet so ReadySign can read the Packet Names. 

Step 5: Double check Column A.

Click into A3 or A7 and ensure that in the fx portion of the spreadsheet it only has the name of your document and not a formula. 

Step 6: Double check your spreadsheet and upload back into the Bulk Send area.

Visually check that your spreadsheet looks correct and only has Columns that have Column Names in row 1. Complete all the other columns in the spreadsheet if you haven't already.

Save your spreadsheet in a place you will find it. Upload it back into the Bulk Send area.

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