Step 1: Decide on a Folder Structure: Folders allow you to organize documents and set permissions. When inviting someone into the account they will be able to access, one, several or all of the folders in an account. Examples of folder structures are found below.Decide on a Folder Structure

Step 2: Upload Existing Folders: If you have a folder on your desktop that you would like to add, you can drag and drop the folder into the main working panel or use the Upload button. This will upload all the subfolders and documents in your folder. Upload Existing Folders

Step 3: Create New Folders: Click New Folder and add the folder name to the bottom of the list. Hit enter or tab. When you have added all of your folders click Create Folders to add them to your account. Click into an existing folder to create subfolders. Create New Folders

Step 4: Favorite a Folder: If you would like to favorite a folder, click the Actions menu next to that folder and select Add to Favorites. These folders will now be listed under the star icon. You can also Favorite documents. Favorite a Folder

Step 5: Select Information to Display: If you would like to change the columns you see upon logging in, click the Column Manager and select from the options.

Select Information to Display


Examples of folder structures:

1) Folders created per team or department. 

Folders created per team or department

2) Folders created per individual. 

Folders created per individual

3) Folders created per individual within each team or department. 

Folders created per individual within each team or department

4) A combination of all these options.

A combination of all these options

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