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Like many government organizations, Missoula County manages a high volume of documents, like contracts, proposals, resolutions, and grant applications that are routed through various departments for review and to the Commissioner’s Office for approval or denial before circling back to the item’s originator. Before the pandemic, Missoula County was manually collecting hundreds of signatures each week. But when the county moved to work remotely, they needed a way to securely share their documents and obtain legally binding signatures to continue operating. 

Missoula County initially opted for a well-known name in esign but was hit with enormous bills that continued to grow with additional charges and fees. They decided that they needed a more affordable solution, and that’s when they found ReadySign. With ReadySign, Missoula County was able to get a user-friendly system, all the features they needed, and the ability to send unlimited documents for signature at a fraction of the price they were previously paying. 

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About Missoula County

Missoula County government consists of nearly 30 different departments for public works and safety, health, civil and criminal justice, community development, and more. The county is governed by a board of commissioners who oversee all department budgets and spending, hire county employees, and enact local ordinances. While balancing numerous administrative responsibilities, Missoula County provides many vital services, from issuing birth certificates and marriage licenses and operating 911 call centers to managing elections. 

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Each meeting held by The Missoula County Commissioner’s Office generates anywhere from 10 to 50 documents that require signatures from various departments. Before they had an electronic signature solution Violet Plummer, the Commissioner's Office Administrative Assistant, and her colleagues spent precious time running hard copies between offices and departments or having to print, scan, and file numerous pages. Staying on top of the signature statuses of these documents was also a tedious challenge without a dedicated system to track documents once shared.

With the onset of the pandemic, Missoula County knew they needed to adopt an electronic signature solution to conduct business remotely. Unfortunately, the first plan they signed onto with a well-known provider led to steep overage fees from exceeding document limits. And upgrading to accommodate the volume of documents they would need to sign would be unmanageably expensive with their current provider.

Wasted time

Slowed by manual processes

Needed remote signing

Found unaffordable software


With ReadySign, Missoula County found a solution to sign, store, and track their documents at a price that’s 1/6th the cost of their previous provider. Now they send unlimited documents to unlimited signers for a fixed price - no more billing surprises or costly overage fees. Rather than running between departments to chase down signatures, Violet sends all her documents with ReadySign and sees a significantly faster turnaround time due to the convenient signing process. And with the ability to centrally store and monitor the signature status of all their documents, Missoula County has significantly improved their document visibility.

“With ReadySign, keeping track of our documents became a lot easier. Being able to just look at a screen to see all of the documents I need signed is huge. I can look through the details to see who’s signed, when they viewed it, and when they signed. It’s super clear and easy to follow.”

-Violet Plummer, Administrative Assistant, Missoula County Commissioner's Office

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Improved document visibility

Faster document turnaround time

Used across departments

6x cost savings

No-nonsense pricing. No surprises.

We believe in honest, transparent pricing. With ReadySign, you pay one fixed cost for unlimited users, unlimited documents and all of our features. Simple.

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