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Instructional Guide:

Step 0: Sending multiple documents at the same time to the same person/people can be initiated in 1 of 2 ways:

1) Upload all the documents you want to send and click the Pen icon to the left of one of these documents.


2) Go to the Sign tab a the top of your ReadySign repository, click +New Packet, and select a template that you want to send. You may have to select Browse All Templates if you don't see the template you want. 

E-Sign Dashboard

Step 1: Add Documents. You will be taken to Step 1 of the Packet Builder where you will click Actions and then select Add Documents or Add Template.

Add Documents

If you select Add Documents: Any documents that haven't been used previously will be available for you to send. If you don't see the document(s) you would like to send, go back to the Documents tab and upload your documents. 

To select documents simply click the checkbox next to the document title. You can select as many documents as you would like to send, then click Submit. 


If you select Add Templates: Any templates that haven't been used in this packet will be available for you to send. 

To select templates simply click the checkbox next to the template title. You can select as many templates as you would like to send, then click Next.


You will then be prompted to name the document you are creating from a template and select the folder you want it stored in. When you have filled this out select Submit. 


You will then see all the documents you have selected or made. You can also add any templates you may have for the documents you selected from a folder at this time. To do this you will click the Three Vertical Dots to the right of the document name and select Apply Template. Repeat this with all relevant documents and templates. When you have all the documents you need click Next at the bottom of the screen. 

Apply Template

Step 2: Add Signers. If you are not using a template you will need to select Add a Signer and add the signer's information. If you are using templates you will need to select the nickname and add the signer's information. 

If you are using multiple templates you may need to merge the nicknames if it will be the same signer. To do this just select the checkboxes next to the nicknames and select Merge

You will need to decide which nickname you would like to go with and you will be prompted to fill out that signer's information. You can preview what it will look like at the bottom of the pop up. 

You can merge as many of the signers as you need until there are the correct number of signers for the documents. You can also select the routing order at this point. 

Click Next at the bottom of the screen to go to Step 3. 

Step 3: Prepare for Signature. You can prepare the documents for signature in the same way you do single documents. 

  • You can add Prefilled Details or signature fields on the left side bar. 
  • You can see the fields that the templates have applied in the middle document viewer.
  • You can select what document you are working on by scrolling down or by selecting the document on the right side bar. You can also view the currently selected field's options (i.e. Required). 

Click Next at the bottom of the screen to go to Step 4. 

Step 4: Add Messaging and Send. Adjust any of the messaging details and click Send to send documents out for signature. They will be stored in the folders the original documents were placed in.