Instructional Video (example without prefilled details):



Instructional Guide (example with prefilled details):

Step 0:

Sign into ReadySign. Navigate to the Sign tab, select the + New Packet button on the right and select the template you want to create. You may have to select Browse all to find the template you are looking for. 



Step 1: 

You will be prompted to name your Document and to select what folder you would like it stored in. Once this is completed you can click Submit. You can then click Actions to add other documents or templates. Once you are satisfied you can click Next at the bottom of the screen. 

template document

Step 2:

You’ll see the Add Signers page. You can also see the nicknames of the signers that usually sign this document. You will need to select each signer and fill in the appropriate Name and Email details.

selected signers

You can also delete and add signers at this stage. 

add signers

This step is where you can decide to send notifications to signers in order or all at once. "In Order" means the 2nd signer won't receive notifications to sign until the 1st signer has signed, then the 3rd signer won't receive a notification until the 2nd signer has signed, etc. "All At Once" is used when the order of signatures is not relevant. When everyone is added and you have selected your desired routing you can click Next.

add signers

Step 3:

This step has three components that you should be aware of.

1) There is the left side bar, which is where you select your signers and the fields that you want to assign to each signer.

2) There is the right side bar, which depending on the field selected will show you different options for that field. For example, for a checkbox, the right side bar will give you options for how many checkboxes to display and how many checkboxes are required. You'll also notice that on the right side bar you have the option to make any field optional or required.

3) The third component of Step Three is the middle document viewer. You can drag and drop fields onto the document exactly where you want them, and easily navigate between pages.

To begin: Click on the "Prefilled Details" at the top of the left side bar if your template has Prefilled Details that need to be filled in before sending for signature. You can tell if these need to be filled out by the presence of the blue "Fill Fields" box. 

add documents

Fill out any needed values by clicking "Needs Value" next to the fields. When all of these are completed, click the Back arrow at the top left of the section. 


The necessary signature and information blocks needed from your signers should already be on the document. However, if you need to add something you don't see you can click on that signer's name on the left and drag and drop anything you need. 


You can also change any applicable settings on the right side bar. Once you are happy with your document setup you can click Next.

Step 4:

The information in Step 4 is filled in from the template but you can change/manage any of the Message Details. Then, just click Send and your packet will send to your signers immediately for signature, in the order you specified in Step Two. You'll then be taken to the audit trail for your document.